WELCOME TO Kenya Metropolitan Gold Refinery

Kenya Metropolitan Gold Refinery (KMGR) is an East African-based company focused on gold processing and gold trade. Assisting small and medium scale miners to get the best conditions for their metals is the core focus of our group. We believe that small and medium scale mining can play a positive role for local communities and countries, as they are important to socioeconomic developments for employment, school funding, public transportation, medical care and social centres.

KMGR-Certified Lab Engineers use the Fire Assay Method, also known as the Cupellation Method, to determine the concentration of gold and silver. Small sample of material has its precious metals chemically separated from the impurities and base metals contained in these materials.

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KMGR specialises in melting of gold and silver through a High Performance Electric Induction Furnace. This environmentally friendly technique enables us to convert large lots of gold and silver into grains or bars of several sizes and purity levels.

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KMGR offers the highest quality and the finest capacity of chemical refining currently available in the world. We have exclusively developed our chemical process of gold and silver refining, in which we use advanced systems to purify scrap gold and silver as well as high-grade doré.

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With our broader supply chain efforts, KMGR is fully committed to the responsible sourcing of gold, global trade and business practices and the same fundamental support of human rights, labour, health and safety, environment, ethics as well as anti-corruption and respect for intellectual property.

The principle of KMGR ensures that before commencing on refining and melting process we endure some assessment whether our customers or business partners have carried out the entire fundamentals of due diligence for responsible supply chains of minerals. We continually strive to assure that our customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders avoid actions that may directly or indirectly finance armed conflict and serious human rights violations.